Science that works.
Styling that stuns.

Introducing the revolutionary REDAVID Salon Products

Take the salon to the street. REDAVID blends scientific innovation, professional experience and a personal passion for hair to give you style on the go. Healthy, salon-perfect hair has never been so easy to get your hands on and run your fingers through. Leonardo Redavid uses his expert knowledge to bring you products that keep you ahead of the trends and in control of your style. Designed by stylists, developed by scientists, created in Canada and worn by you – REDAVID Salon Products.

Science that works. Styling that stuns.™

Only REDAVID offers the powerful combination of salon expertise, elements that pamper, and the miracle ingredient, Dynagen™. If you haven’t heard of Dynagen™ before, that’s because no product in Canada offers it.  Now, REDAVID is happy to share its best kept secret for healthier hair. Dynagen™ is a yeast protein designed to boost structural strength, essential for stronger and thicker looking locks. The way it works may sound complicated, but the end result is simply beautiful hair.

How Dynagen™ works: In scientific terms, it boosts keratins and trucholyalin to help reinforce hair structure from root to tip by molding to the inner layers of the hair follicle, while improving the physical stability, strength and ageless beauty of your hair. In real terms, it works.

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